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My Review Of TopCashBack Saving Money Shopping Online And Get Cash Back On Your Purchases!

My Fetch Rewards Cash Back App Review Plus Sign Up And Get 2,000 Points

My Fetch Rewards Cash Back App Review Plus Sign Up And Get 2 000 Points

If you're looking for an easy cash back app with no hoops to jump through you need to sign up for Fetch Rewards. It's one of the easiest cash back apps because you simply snap a picture of your receipt and earn points toward gift cards. 

Not only can you snap pictures of your grocery store receipts you can snap pictures of restaurant receipts, gas station receipts, convenience store receipts, etc. If you have a receipt, snap a picture and get your points!

If you're shopping online you can link your email and Amazon account to your Fetch Rewards account and earn points that way too.

In the app they feature brands which will give you additional points when you either purchase them or spend a certain amount during a time specified time frame and you can search their special offers by checking the most recent, sort by category, sort by high to low point rewards or what special offers are expiring first to make sure you don't miss out earning rewards.

I love how simple it is and it's become one of my favorites any time I have a receipt. When we joined we gathered up all the receipts we had dated within 14 days, snapped away and watched the points roll in!

When you join you'll also receive 2,000 points when you join with our Fetch Rewards link, put in Referral Code J8HHKH and snap your first receipt. If it doesn't prompt you immediately for the Referral Code, go into the Me section once you download the app and type it in.

You can "cash out" and select your gift card starting at 3,000 points. Most gift cards are $1 for 1,000 points but there are gift cards at major stores like Walmart that are 6,000 points for a $5 gift card. However they have hundreds of gift cards to choose from like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Dominoes, CVS and many specialty stores.

It's easy to "cash out" too. At the top of the app when you click on Rewards you can see what is available for your points or even search by 3,000, 5,000, 10,000, 25,000 or 50,000 points.

The Fetch Rewards app is legit and they are paid through their affiliated brands. You are rewarded with points that you cash in for gift cards.

You can submit up to 35 receipts per week on your Fetch Rewards app and it doesn't matter if you used coupons when buying an item. Just snap that receipt!

Please remember to put in Referral Code J8HHKH after you join using our Fetch Rewards link and snap that picture of your first receipt asap! You'll need this code for your 2,000 bonus points!

Once you sign up you'll also have your own Referral Code to start inviting your friends. 

Happy shopping and snapping!!

My Fetch Rewards Cash Back App Review Plus Sign Up And Get 2 000 Points -

Looking for more cash back apps?

  1. Sign up for your free Ibotta account. Please use Referral Code XJOSXIQ and if you want to know more about Ibotta, check out our review.
  2. Download the Fetch app and snap a picture of your receipt. You'll get 2,000 points when you snap your first receipt! Please use Referral Code J8HHKH.
  3. Download the Coinout app and snap a picture of your receipt. Please use Referral Code M7PXZD9.
  4. Download the Receipt Hog app, snap a picture of your receipt and get 5 extra spins. Please use Referral Code dect2662.
  5. Sign up for Shopkick to get points toward free gift cards! Please ​use code GOAL438724.
  6. Sign up for Swagbucks to earn points toward free gift cards! 

**When you use our Referral Codes, there can be specials attached that the site is running when you are referred.

Enjoy your day,
Lisa and Rich Jelinek
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